War Stories 2: Dustwallow Marsh

My first time through World of Warcraft I often visited higher level zones to explore. Due to the armor/weapon damage taken upon death, it was key to strip down to one’s underwear so getting stomped on by the high level mobs didn’t require armor/weapon repair. Of course, Tauren are ugly enough, but without their armor it’s that much worse.

After wandering into Dustwallow Marsh, I entered a neutral camp where I saw a Night Elf who was high enough level that I couldn’t actually get a level read, just a skull and crossbones icon if I recall correctly.

Now, Horde (me) and Alliance (the Night Elf) can’t chat, but they can emote to each other. So, being a friendly Druid, I clicked on the Night Elf and /waved. Except I right clicked on the Night Elf which turned on auto attack. So as I ran by, suddenly my Player vs Player flag became active and my unarmed combat skill went up to one (recall I had unequiped my weapon).

So the Night Elf took a trivial amount of damage and we both looked at each other for just a second, before the Night Elf pulled out the largest most glowing sword I had seen to that point. Of course, I ran, and since your foot speed doesn’t increase with level, I was able to keep my distance.

Eventually my PvP flag dropped (thus the Night Elf couldn’t do me damage), so it all worked out in the end. I’m not entirely sure what the odds of landing an unarmed attack with 0 skill at a high level player is, but I’m thinking that would have been a good day to buy a lotto ticket.

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